MOVE with LOVE Mastermind
MOVE with LOVE Mastermind

MOVE with LOVE Mastermind

a virtual + in person movement studio to unleash your soul

Stop blaming your life on everything else and reclaim your power back!

MOVE with LOVE Mastermind is a community dedicated to helping you tap into your power, feel confident and become a magnet for your dreams and desires.


A community mastering healing + manifesting from the inside out together is the single best way to navigate rapid change, take on the challenges of this unique moment, and unlock the ability for you to achieve results and transformation. 

You do not have to do this on your own.

Take a moment and really ask yourself, are you...
  • Stuck in the same unfulfilled routine

  • Feeling guilty for wanting more in your life

  • Feeling resentment for your past experiences

  • Feeling insecure and like something is wrong with you

  • Creatively blocked

  • Disconnected from pleasure and joy

  • Mentally and physically drained

  • Disconnected from your Soul’s path and purpose

I hear and honour you. I understand how heavy that can feel. There have been times when I have felt low, insecure and completely disconnected from myself, my relationships and career. I was beyond anxious, frustrated, lonely and stuck without purpose. I hit a rock bottom when I didn’t have a home and had collection agencies calling me. I was working unfulfilling jobs, in a stagnant relationship and was numbing my reality any way I could.

Through my breakdowns, breakthroughs, education and trainings, I discovered a method to accelerate healing using ancient wisdom and new ideas to maximize the effectiveness of your time, money and energy.

Now, give yourself permission to dream again and imagine…
  • Feeling more fulfilled and complete

  • Feeling worthy and capable of more

  • Forgiving and releasing past pain and trauma

  • Radiating confidence

  • Loving yourself and receiving love unconditionally

  • Sharing your truth and expressing yourself authentically

  • Reconnecting to pleasure and joy

  • Feeling energized and inspired

  • Gaining clarity about your purpose and motivated to take action

What is the MOVE with LOVE Mastermind?

The MOVE with LOVE Mastermind is a safe, transformative space for those who are feeling stuck in the same cycles, feeling anxious about their future and are ready to tap into their power, take back control of their lives and become a magnet for fulfilment and joy no matter what’s going on in the world.

  • Feel safe to DREAM: Release fear and limiting beliefs. Forgive, heal, and deal with generational karmic trauma on a cellular level. Find out what has been holding you back and release it for good.

  • Feel worthy to PLAY: Trust that your ecstasy makes you magnet to your desires. Lean into the pleasures that light you up to allow your inner guidance system be the boss.

  • Feel confident to SHINE: Embody and create your future NOW! Have the courage to take the inspired aligned action that turns you on.

  • Feel love to GIVE: Radiate radical forgiveness, acceptance, compassion and love. Attract the divine relationships you know you are worthy of.

  • Feel free to CREATE: Express your truest essence. Reclaim your manifesting superpower and get results your soul craves.

  • Feel clear to THRIVE: Level up your imagination to set intentions towards infinite possibilities.

  • Feel connected to CONTRIBUTE: Connect and collaborate with other Sexy Souls and make an impact on a global level.

How does the MOVE with LOVE Mastermind work?

Live sessions taught by executive life-coach, Reiki Master April Miranda.

Participate with the content via:

  • Community Connection - Take time to share wins, challenges, brainstorm and celebrate as we all navigate this changing world together.
  • New Moon Wish-Making Ritual - Each New Moon of every month, April Miranda will guide a New Moon Ceremony with restorative yoga, intention setting and group Reiki.
  • 24/7 access - Lastly, all of these great resources are organized in our own platform. This is also where you can post your questions and weekly challenges with rich support from April Miranda and your peers.

About April Miranda, your MOVE with LOVE Host:

Who Am I?

Many moons ago I was feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and confused with my reality. I was feeling unfulfilled with how I was showing up in my own life. I was working in jobs that were draining my energy and could feel my Soul kick and scream wanting to feel seen and heard.

After getting my kinesiology degree, experiencing the corporate world in Calgary, the entertainment industry in LA, NYC and Toronto, yoga teacher, Reiki, NLP training, and the endless lessons during the last 15 years of my life, has brought together the essence of this mastermind.

I discovered a method to accelerate healing using ancient wisdom and new ideas to maximize the effectiveness of your time, money and energy.

My mission is to teach soulful women who are ready to clear karmic energy and synchronize with their divine flow and attract more health, wealth and happiness.

I serve my community by doing what I love, co-create with my loving husband, a mother to our joyful baby girl, and collaborating with like-minded souls around the world to make an impact on a global level.

I would LOVE to show you the steps so you can attract, manifest and create your ideal life too.

The MOVE with LOVE Mastermind is here to support you and hold you accountable. 

Looking forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your goals!

Ready to unblock your energy and unlock your power?
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